Strange Love (Movie Thoughts: No Stranger Than Love)

no-stranger-than-loveI love Alison Brie, and I thought she was one of the best things in ‘Mad Men.’  But she is literally stuck in ‘No Stranger Than Love,’ a movie that’s a good idea and nothing more. She plays Lucy, a school teacher who is the crush of the whole town. But she spends her nights alone, and just as she is about to have an affair with the school football coach, Clint (played by Colin Hanks) the latter falls in a hole. And that’s literally a hole in the middle of Lucy’s living room. He is baffled, and she is baffled.. Then to complicate matters, a dark stranger in town arrives (Justin Chatwin) who is mysteriously looking for Clint’s character. So of course, she finds Lucy. Hilarity is supposed to ensue but I just found this movie so incredibly boring. Yes, there is a subtext here about society and its constraints, but I can barely keep my eyes open, and as much as Brie tries to keep the action going, this movie is dead on arrival. The idea of this showed promise, but it was never realized.

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