Damaged People (Television Thoughts: Treason, Unreal S02E04)



The first thing I thought of after watching “Treason,” Episode four of the season season of ‘Unreal’: these are all damaged people,a nd this episode shows how damaged they are. Sure, no one is really infallible here, and our alliance to each of the characters change week after week, but damn, these people are really messed up.  Quinn is damaged. Her father dies and she hardly bats an eyelash, and when her assistant calls her to ask what to do with her father’s things, there is so much hurt in her antagonism that I didn’t know if I should get mad at her, pity her, or just cry about the whole situation. Chet steals his child to bring it to the set, a most toxic set I wouldn’t bring my enemy’s child to. And Rachel – where do we start? Is she using Coleman by pretending to be attracted to him,  or is it a more messed up situation if she really is falling for him. Ditto Coleman. Even the suitor is damaged – mentally and physically. Even the contestants are – well, this part isn’t a surprise. The show really is like a train wreck, and I don’t know if I am really getting exhausted or exhilarated by it. But then, I also do think, aren’t we all damaged people?

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