Frankly Laura (Music Thoughts: One For My Baby: To Frank Sinatra With Love, Laura Dickinson)

5684752_origAnother Sinatra tribute, ho-hum. When I first played Laura Dickinson’s album ‘One For My Baby: To Frank Sinatra With Love,’ I thought to myself, this is more a theater voice. For anything Sinatra, my test-drive song for a singer is ‘All The Way,’ and when I heard her version, my first thought was there isn’t a lot of subtlety here (and that’s not an insult) She infused a lot of drama in her rendition, and with her soaring voice reminiscent of Linda Eder’s, I felt the song more of an aria. And that’s good. I can now calibrate how I am going to appreciate her music.

Looking at her bio, it looks like she is a Southern California native with theater credits, so everything makes sense – she has a sunnier disposition in dealing with the songs, and yes, there’s the drama. Listen to ‘One For My Baby’ and you feel like it’s a one-act drama. Her ‘Indian Summer’ full of down-on-my-knees pleading. Some of the arrangements kind of got on my nerves – trying too hard to be different – and I could see how I would tire of too much interpretation in some of her readings. But all in all, I like the album – it’s beautifully aced, and you can truly sense her love of the material (She grew up listening to his records)  Her disc can easily be lost in the shuffle but if it stops, pay attention.

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