Pear Down (Perfume Thoughts, Nisha Blossom, Jo Malone)

o.37551I have been very happy with a lot of Jo Malone’s recent releases that I blind-bought  their limited edition summer release Nashi Blossom. And I will not lie that part of the enticement for me was the beautiful bottle. I kind of regret that decision. Though I am glad that the beautiful bottle is among my cherished collection, the juice underwhelmed me.

Nashi is a name of an Asian pear, and I googled it to see what that looked like, and I remember the fruit from my childhood. I remember we would buy the fruit during Christmas time, and especially during New Year’s when we would fill our tables with round things – it symbolizes coins for good luck. I don’t remember the fruit having any kind of smell, to be honest.

What I do smell in this perfume is sugar, and lots and lots of it. The pear is that screechy artificial kind, and it’s really bothering me. To make matters worse,  a rose note comes in and it’s just as fake smelling. And did I say it was sweet? the perfume reminds me of those Hi-C juice boxes that kids drink. To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. On my skin, in the summer heat, the plastic smell even blooms. Not quite a scrubber, but close.

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