Isn’t It Rich? (Television Thoughts, Rich Kids Of Instagram, Mondays on E4)


Rich Kids of Instagram, E4


You know you have that one friend on Facebook who posts his just-bought handbag or shoe and then tags it #blessed? Well, imagine a whole television show full of those people, and it is on E4 every Monday (it started the 4th of July)  Titled ‘Rich Kids Of Instagram,’ it chronicles a fistful of people revel in all things material. I don’t know what possessed me to start watching the show, but I did. And yes, it is as bad as it sounds. There’s Iman Lopez, a fashion designer who parades around in heels and has a professional photography team chronicling her every move (she can’t be photographed on her right)  I mean, I guess I could commend her for trying to earn a living, although I don’t think Karl Lagerfeld should feel threatened by any of her designs. And there’s two kids from Cheshire who go around buying half a million pound cars at their whim while still pimply faced (I venture they should spend some of their money on a dermatologist)  It’s not even fun enough to hate watch because these people take themselves too seriously. The real crime here is that even with all their riches, these people still manage to look unattractive, and their demeanor and attitude makes them uglier, if that is even possible.

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