A Case For Abortion (Movie Thoughts: Mothers and Daughters)

ea805bc8194105907d972973235a871d‘Mothers and Daughters’ is kind of like the lower rent version of Gary Marshall’s ‘Mother’s Day.’ Instead of Julia Roberts, we get Sharon Stone here. Jennifer Aniston’s place is taken by her Friends costar Courteney Cox. And unfortunately, just like its expensive counterpart, this is a Mother that doesn’t deliver. The film, directed by Paul Duddridge, has too many things going on, yet somehow none of it is enough to tell even one credible story. It really is a shame because these actors work hard enough – Stone, Cox, Selma Blair, Cristina Ricci – but you cannot make diamonds out of discarded plastic cups. And on top of all this, it is pretty dull. Most of these people have star quality – Stone has never looked lovelier –  but they barely register on screen. And Duddridge uses a lto of short cuts – via Skype or Facetime – between the characters. I mean, if they can’t be bothered to show up together,  why should we?

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