Seven Sins (Music Thoughts, Seven, Alison Lewis)

1467058167_folderAlison Lewis serves up seven songs in her album ‘Seven.’ The first thing I noticed when I started listening to her album is that she does a slow version of Irving Berlin’s ‘Cheek To Cheek,’ and I thought it was interesting. Could she, maybe, mine melancholy from a song that’s a celebration of love? Well,s he…didn’t. The tempo was lowered, but her interpretation seemed clueless, veering off melody not from interpretation but from a bit of showing off. I notice that she did this a couple in the album, even in her interpretation of ‘Midnight Sun.’ I bet you she listens to Diana Krall a lot – I hear a lot of her influence in Lewis’ singing. Lewis does have a clear in-tune voice, she doesn’t seem to have a distinct style just yet – perhaps she needs to live life a wee bit more. Her ‘My Funny Valentine,’ for example, starts out well enough, but her tangents as the song progresses, to me, indicate that she isn’t really feeling the song fully. And her two originals are just misses – unremarkable at best. I hope she finds herself in her music at some point.

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