Miserably It’s Maggie (Movie Thoughts; Maggie’s Plan)

Maggies-Plan_poster_goldposter_com_2I really wanted to love Rebecca Miller’s new movie ‘Maggie’s Plan,’ and halfway through the movie, as I am realizing I don’t even like it, I started to question myself why. Maybe it stems from my irrational dislike of the actress Greta Gerwig – there’s something about her that annoys me and thus I never could get into – much less believe – any of her characters.I tried giving her the slack so many times here, but with her as the heroine of the film, I just couldn’t go on-board. I was banking on the idea that Julianne Moore will steal the film from her, but her character her seems to be a SNL parody, though she tries very hard to give it vulnerability, and nearly succeeds. I read a comment about the movie that it is a “New Yorker short story,’ and I think that’s an apt description, but I even think the magazine would reject this. There’s just so much good things here that did not account to a great whole that I couldn’t help but feel so disappointed. I wanted to feel characters that are New Yorkers – neurotic, sophisticated, pedantic in the most appropriate way – but here we get neurosis and no backing behind them. I just imagine how this film would have fared in the hands of Noah Baumbach, or Woody Allen (though the latter doesn’t seem to be doing New York movies anymore) and think there could have been real gold in here.

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