Hanging With The Coopers (Movie Thoughts: Love The Coopers)

68ec7462faefac32a0ca529df6c21619Here I am, Fourth Of July, in the midst of Summer, hot and hazy day, and what did I just watch? A Christmas movie, from last Christmas: ‘Love The Coopers.’ (Maybe I just wanted to see scenes of snow on the hottest day of the year) I remember seeing the previews for this movie a lot during the Holiday season and thought to myself, what an inane piece of crap, though I knew at some point I would see it. Well that day was today, and yes, it was as inane as I thought it would be. And Diane Keaton – a brilliant actress, for sure, in her youth, but nowadays such a lazy one – she has become a one trick pony, that same neurotic bumbling elder woman, once comedic and adorable but now just plain annoying, and employing the same tics and mannerisms in every movie she stars in. Incidentally, she is an executive producer of this movie so she knows exactly what she is doing.

There’s too many characters here, and the intermingling stories all already done to death and better. There ae glimpses of good – Marisa Tomei brings warmth to her non-entity of a role, and there love-the-coopers-2015-greek-posteris a surprisingly sweet ache to the love story between Olivia Wilde and Jake Lacey (he is particularly charming) who have great chemistry between them. It’s not enough to save the film, unfortunately. And poor June Squibb. This is the best thing that she could get after being nominated for an Oscar? the rest of the cast seem to be sleepwalking, and maybe it’s a match for an audience bored to tears watching. But anyway, Happy Fourth!


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