Java Jive (Perfume Thoughts: Valentino Uomo)


I remember when I first got Valentino Uomo, everyone was raving about it, as it was quite the critical darling. And I remember loving it as well, a coco based fragrance that was also commercial: a crowd pleaser. Earlier this week, I was searching for something to wear that I hadn’t in a while – and saw this bottle, which I still think is beautiful. (I have to say that as beautiful as it is, though, the sprayer is a little difficult to use)  I had almost forgotten how this smelled, and wore it for a couple of days in a row, with also the idea that I wanted to write about it.

This is a perfume that tricks you. Most of the time when it comes to designer perfumes, the top notes deceive you – they capture your interest but then descend into familiar (and boring territory)  Valentino Uomo is the opposite. It starts off with a violet/bergamot accord, and you think to yourself, yeah I have smelled this on a million other men’s scents before. But then it quickly makes a turn – a sour note comes in (I think it’s called ‘myrtle liquor’)  And then the coffee note comes in – mild and milky, with something nutty in it (hazelnut, I presume from its official list of notes)  And I love it – there’s a lightness in it and depth at the same time. A lot of people have described this as smelling like a coffee creamer but that would be simplifying it – I detect a white suede leather note here, and even the dreaded weak patchouli that creeps in doesn’t bother me.

Do I think this is a revolutionary scent? Of course not, This is a mainly department store scent, so I do not have expectations from it as I would have of niche perfumes. It has shadows of being derivative, but it is not totally so. But for what it is, it is truly just fine.

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