German Star (Movie Thoughts: Nachthelle)

zepxrwd0‘Nachthelle,’ in German means ‘Bright Star’ in English. It is also a title of the film by Florian Gottschick about four people stuck in a house in East Germany. (I wonder if East Germany looks as drab as how the film photographed it) Anna Bergmann (Anna Grisebach)goes back to her childhood home with her younger boyfriend Stefan (Vladimir Burkalov) and while there, she sees her ex-boyfriend Bernd (Benno Fuehrmann) and his psychologist boyfriend Marc (Kai Ivo Baulitz)  What happens next is weird – Anna asks the guys to stay for the night and a secret is revealed. And what happens after is even weirder, involving an accident with Anna, and then we see another version of Anna seeing another version of events that just took place. Maybe I am dense, but I never really fully understood what really happened, but I guess it shouldn’t matter, and maybe that’s not the whole point of the movie. Maybe it’s a German psychology thing that I do not know about (They quote Kafka) or something about the poem that the title is based on. But what is on screen is interesting enough, I guess, and Grisebach is a great engaging actress that achieves close to making you believe everything going on – even if you don’t understand it.

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