Tonight You’re Mine Competely (Movie Thoughts: Love Me Tomorrow)

25-love-me-tomorrow1There’s a lesser known Meryl Strep movie that I love titled ‘Prime,’ wherein she plays the mother of a young man who got involved with an older woman. I loved that movie, and have watched it a couple of times, but it was told more through the point of view of the mother. When I started watching ‘Love Me Tomorrow,’ I thought for a second that this movie would tackle the same subject matter, but though the eyes of the older woman. I think the idea here is splendid – A woman gets a second Act in life , falling in love with a much younger man.

Christy (Dawn Zulueta) is feeling the empty nest syndrome (her husband passed, her kids start to live their lives) when she meet-cutes JC, (Piolo Pascual) a club deejay. Of course, we know they are bound to fall in love, and they do. But, the screenplay does not give us any idea why they are attracted to each other (does he have Oedipal complex? Is she looking for someone to take care of?) beyond the superficial reasons. Plus they add a tired love triangle angle which does not help the audience understand why they should root for this couple to thrive. Zulueta’s acting doesn’t help. While her icy demeanor helped during the first act of the film, she never really gives you the impression that she has put her guard down for love. And Pascual seems passive and unnecessarily weepy. There are some sweet touches, like threading the film through Carole King’s ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow,’ and the film is photographed sleekly, but by the end you scarcely care if the couple ends up together. And yes, it seems like they borrow the ending of ‘Prime,’ whether intentional or not. Which just makes me miss that movie more, and perhaps I should watch it again to get the fix I was craving from this movie.

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