Organized Chaos (Television Thoughts: Casualty, Unreal S02E06)


Wow, I wasn’t ready for the that big reveal at the end of Episode 6 of Unreal. In it, we see the return of Adam, last year’s Suitor. We can truly see how Quinn is Queen Manipulator, and really does not care about anyone. It’s a conflicted conclusion, too, as we saw her in this episode confronting Jeremy about him physically hurting Rachel. On a personal note, this development is also goof for me and my eye candy obsession with Freddy Stroma, who I think is just dreamy. (I partly got into this show last year because of him and I am glad he took time out of shooting Game Of Thrones to come back here)

But back t this episode, wasn’t this a crazy one? There are all sorts of tings brewing everywhere – that hometown visit to Alabama was just all sides of crazy (remind me never to set foot on that state) and the inner turmoil in Rachel is even scarier. At some point, things will explode with everything she is carrying and it ain’t gonna be pretty. We can see that Carter is not inherently bad – and that may be the reason why he will never be a good fit for the (fictional) show. And Chet and Quinn? There are no words for them. Oh and Everlasting? That seems to be almost an afterthought on the show now, and the girls and elimination process is getting predictable at this point.

But anyway, Freddy Stroma is back next week. It bears mentioning again.

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