Strapping Storm (Music Thoughts, Closer, Sidsel Storm)

Sidsel_Closer_front_300dpi_1500X1500Leave it to the Scandinavians. They can do jazz like the greats. I am listening to Sidsel Storm’s new album ‘Closer,’ and I am sure just like me you are asking , “Who?”  She may be known to the jazz circles in Denmark and Sweden but I hope the rest of the world also pays attention.  Her father is a folk singer and I hear a lot of folksy sensibilities in her music (especially the original compositions which sound very earthy) When she sings standards, she has a natural ability to make them sound unique – for example a frenetic April in Paris that I thought was weird in the beginning, but after a listening or two not only grew on me, I understood her message – interpreting the fast-paced angle of the lyrics.  She uses the same speed in ‘That Old Black Magic’ and again it kind of makes perfect sense. And I liked her slightly accented diction. Mix that with the slight fragility of her voice, the effect is kind of exciting. Though it would take a little bit of time to get used to the original compositions, Sidsel makes me pay attention to her music, and very few singers nowadays can do that.

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