The End Of The World In Mexico (Movie Thoughts: Velociraptor)

veloThe apocalypse is coming. It’s almost the end of the world and this is where ‘Velociraptor’ is set. Directed by Mexican filmmaker Chucho E Quintero, this movie focuses on two friends: Alex (Pablo Mezz) and Diego (Carlos Henry Huber) One is gay, and one is straight. Diego has a girlfriend, and Alex doesn’t do too porly himself, as we see a montage of him getting busy with other guys. But as they walk along these deserted city streets, Alex makes a confession – he is a virgin. Well, on matters of anal sex anyway. He posits a request to Diego: can he do the honors? I mean, the world is ending and everything At first Diego thinks it is a joke, but he realizes Alex is serious. He doesn’t answer yes or no right away. but keeps him hanging, and the audience is as well, which makes for great tension (sexual and otherwise) for the two young men. Will they or won’t they.

I won’t spoil what happens but is poignant, and very telling, and is a refreshing take on a situation that you thought you are able to predict. And it makes us think of how one lands on the Kinsley scale, and whether that position is flexible or not. Mezz and Huber have great chemistry, and even as you see that their characters are not lovers, you can sense a great sense of intimacy between them. The doom and gloom scenario is played a bit too melodramatically and kind of distracts from the message, but I get why Quintero used it. This film is quite interesting, and I bet it will make you think.

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