Adam’s Ambush (Television Thoughts, Ambush, S02E07, Unreal)


Before anything else, look at the picture. This episode has the wonderful Freddie Stroma, as Adam,  last year’s suitor, and he comes back this week to torment, to taunt, to show his love for Rachel, to fix his bruised from last season. I am happy – I am a fan, and maybe I just have the teensiest crush on him. But I don’t really remember that Adam was very much in love with Rachel, was he? Yes, they were going to go off together and live as a couple. Now I remember. Of course, he comes back as a pawn for Quinn’s plans, and even he knows that.

A lot of things happened in this episode – that, and the new Suitor driving off with Romeo, and the police set up by Rachel, and then the shooting. At some point, I felt very exhausted (and maybe just a tad pissed that they weren’t giving Freddie enough screen time) and of course everything comes to a head and Rachel suffers some kind of nervous breakdown, all probably planned by Quinn to get rid of her, as she successfully gets rid of Coleman (or was that a bait?) It all becomes all too much to handle, and I wonder where was that show I loved last year which was deliciously biting and funny? There’s a lot of melodrama this year, for sure.

And I question myself – do I feel bad for Rachel After all her machinations, do I think she deserves what happened to her ? Or is that part also a move in her master plan? I guess part of the beauty of the show is that one really never knows for sure.

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