Fast Fashion (Movie Thoughts: Absolutely Fabulous The Movie)

xabsolutely-fabulous-the-movie-new-poster.jpg.pagespeed.ic.pnV7jnbNZDIn the screening I attended for ‘Absolutely Fabulous The Movie,’ the crowd was giddy and jovial. Surely, a lot of these people are fans of the television series; in fact, when Edina Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy Stone (Joanne Lumley) first appear on screen, applause erupted from the crowd. I mean, how could you *not* have a good time? I mean, everyone else is, including everyone in the movie, which feels like a party in every scene? So I was at a loss why I felt empty after watching it. Was I looking for more there that doesn’t exist?

The movie, written by Sanders, stands on a plot that is precariously thin you can explain it on one sentence. Edina, down and out, tries to enlist Kate Moss as a client for her PR firm, but something happens and she (and Patsy) have to hide in Cannes. Just like fast fashion from H  & M, it’s all about styling hype. And there’s plenty of that. There are great cameos from anyone and everyone who matters in the AbFab world (Who knew Stella McCartney was so funny?)  And, everything is delivered in a delicious platter by Saunders and Lumley. Lumley, in particular, is so effortlessly hilarious you just look at her and you get it, and she gets it that you get it, and that makes it even more, well, fabulous. It’s kind of like seeing a drag queen you enjoyed so much in your salad days, and now that maybe you’re older and perhaps wiser, you can never really go back to the carelessness of your youth. (There’s a particular scene at a drag bar with Saffron that will make your oll with laughter ) So, maybe i was just in a too bad of a mood last night to fully enjoy this. Because even if it is not truly absolutely fabulous, it’s still absolutely fabulous.

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