A Memory Of A Summer Day (Perfume Thoughts: Bond No 9 Fire Island)

bond-no-9-fire-island-perfumeSo I have been thinking of the beach lately. The water has always fascinated me, and living in the desert has just made it stronger. I am doing a new thing lately – wearing a scent for the whole week, immersing myself in it to fully appreciate it as an experience. This week it was Bond No 9 Fire Island’s turn. I have always loved this scent, as I love ‘beach’ scents in general. I think this is one of the beachiest scents out there. How it smells can really be described in one sentence – Imagine yourself going to the beach, wearing expensive sun tan lotion, passing by the garden, picking up tuberose, and then caressing the flowers. That’s basically it. The notes from the official folio include: cardamom, neroli, tuberose, musks. Junk all that and just think of Ban de Soleil splashed liberally on you, so there’s a bit of coconut in there. Imagine you are out in the sun so you have that slightly musky scent,  and then yes the hint of tuberose far away. I think this is one of those perfumes that give you an experience – it brings you to a memory of a summer day. Years from now, this week will be my memory when I spray this perfume.

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