The Family That Prays Together (Book Thoughts: The Perfect Family, Kathryn Shay)

8042953I started reading Kathryn Shay’s ‘A Perfect Family’ without knowing anything more about besides the fact that it is a story of a teenage boy coming out and how it affects his family. Apparently, this story is based on Shay’s life story, about her own child’s coming out process and how it almost tore her family apart. I can’t really bash the book as it has all the best intentions but I wish it was just…more interesting. To me, it reads more like writings from therapy sessions, and of course stories like these need to be told and if it reaches one bigot mind and changes it, then it’s existence is already warranted. That said, I like that the book points out a lot of the Catholic Church’s hypocritical policies – I didn’t know that the church advocates conversion therapy practices for gays, for example, and that is one of the most dangerous things you can do for a gayling. There are some lessons learned here, and they are worth learning.

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