Late At Night (Music Thoughts: After Dark, Champian Fulton)

After Dark cover idea 5 001There are some albums that, for me, only work when listened to late at night. Anything by Julie London, for example, falls into that category in my book. So when I listened to Champian Fuulton’s album ‘After Dark,” I gave the album a test on whether the music lives up to its title. It does, but I would put the album more on at 9:30 pm more than ’round midnight. This album, Fulton’s tribute to Dinah Washington, is quite nice. She has a sassy black voice that is reminiscent of Washington’s (I mean, you can clearly see the influence) but at the same time you can sense her putting just a bit of herself in there. I liked that even if her style evokes blues, there is a great sense of swing in her step – she is red hot on ‘That Old Feeling,’ for example. And she brings sultry soul in ‘Mad About The Boy,’ invigorating the ache in Noel Coward’s lyrics. And lastly, I will give props to someone wearing fur on her album cover. Play this on a cold night and Fulton will warm you.

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