Mess Of A Mess (Television Thoughts:Fugitive, Unreal S02E08)


Whatever has happened to ‘Unreal’? When I started watching this show last year, it was sexy, juicy, kind of fun. This season it changed tones, changed focus, and now I am quickly starting to barely tolerate it. there’s just too much – it’s covering unnecessary grounds (‘;Back Lives Matter’? I mean, seriously? Valid issue, but is this the show to tackle it? ) And we get a revelation about Rachel, and that storyline is quickly becoming some kind of psychological case, and all of it juts feels so…icky. And yes I understand we will now have Quinn helping Rachel out, but doesn’t that seem a bit out of character for her? There’s too much going on in ‘Fugitive,’ this weekss episodes and I do think the show has lost his focus, and if it doesn’t turn around soon, may lose its audience.

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