The Audacity Of Hope (Book Thoughts: The Hopefuls, Jennifer Close)

28007954“The Hopefuls” by Jennifer Close is about Beth, whose husband, Matt,  worked for the Obama campaign in 2008. After Obama won, he uprooted his life and worked for the White House for the President. I thought this book was going to be about these young professionals working in the white house, but it turns out it is about some things else: friendship, marriage, commitment all framed by people working in politics. It is insightfully written, and Close has a great ear of honesty that makes you feel like you are inside these people’s minds. It’s immensely readable, though at times I wanted to hammer Beth’s head about being too passive. My only problem with it is that I felt Beth was so miserable from the beginning that when things started to fall apart, I wasn’t sympathetic to her wanting to save it all. But, this is a great summer read that’s not too fluffy.

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