This Much Is True (Book Thoughts, One True Thing, Nicole Hayes)

24940565Election years can be a tough. It’s so heated nowadays – there’s so much vitriol, and yes people are passionate but both sides can be nasty. Nicole Hayes’ ‘One True Thing’  centers on teenager Frankie, who is the daughter of a woman running for the Premiere of Australia (I am guessing this is similar to the Prime Minister position)  and it is diffivul enough navigating normalcy in life with that situation, but in the novel, a scandalous complication arises – or is it really? Such is the dilemma presented here, and although it wasn’t that believable for me, the characters are three dimensional enough for the reader to have sympathy. I liked Frankie, though she could sometimes be a little bratty, she does something at the end to show reformation. This was a heavier read than I thought it would be, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

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