You Are Gold (Television Thoughts: Tom Daley: Diving For Gold, ITV)


The Rio Olympics is going to be starting very soon, and there is one event where I am rooting for an Olympian, who is not from the good old US of A, and that is diving. Of course, no self respecting gay man would not be rooting for the cuteness that is Tom Daley. WIn or lose, there is no denying how much of a positive impact he is making on young GLBT kids. That alone makes him a winner.

I just saw the documentary ‘Tom Daley: Diving For Gold’ on ITV and I am realizing how his road to the Olympics has not been the smoothest. A couple of years ago, he lost his father from a brain tumor, and he in the documentary Daley goes on about the grand impact his father made on him. When he lost him, his life changed. I think to this day he is still grappling with that loss.

The documentary also spends a bit of time about the December 2013 revelation that changed Tom’s life – when he announced to the world that he is in love with another man. He tells in the interview of his decision to come out to all of his family members before releasing that YouTube clip that changed his life. It was touching to note how supportive his mother was, and so nonchalant his siblings were about it. (His younger brother said – can I go back to playing Xbox now afterwards) People thought his popularity would wane because of that, but Dustin Lance Black, his now-fianceĂ© says that you cannot walk anywhere without girls screaming for him. With his matinee idol looks, it seems that Daley has now captured all demographics, even straight males who would now go to him because hw is no longer a threat to their girlfriends.

I was quite touched by the whole show, and if I am now rooting for him even more. There’s a specific dive that got to him, and with hard work and perseverance, he conquered that by creating a much more difficult routine that could make or break his chances for a gold medal in RIo. But I am crossing my fingers, sayign a prayer, and doing every superstitious thing so that he – and teh gay community – can being home that medal next week.

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