Burning Woods On A Summer Day (Perfume Thoughts: Konig, Yosh)

kond.20389You know how Facebook sends you notification about your ‘Memories’?  Recently it showed me pictures of my trip to San Francisco. And I remembered that when I was there last year, I bought Knog, by Yosh. I have known about Yosh before, but I can be a European snob sometimes, so I have not really paid as much attention to it. So while we were at Barneys in San Francisco, the Sales Associate told me to try her line. I thought sure, why not,  and told myself chuck it to local artisan appreciation. Truthfully, I found them mostly good, some more memorable than others. I decided that it will be a good remembrance of my trip, and decided I will get one from her house. I zeroed in on Konig.

Konig is a smoky delight – it starts with a dirty smoky vetiver, and with it came some burning woods. I sense a little bit of amber here but it is not of a sweet kind. It’s a little darker, and richer. The sweetness comes from what she calls a “red apple” note – a fruity something, for sure. But it is drowned out by the onslaught of leather – and that stays. It’s a tannery type of  leather that sits on top of the smoke, and it is warm and comforting, like a cashmere blanket.

It’s been the dog days of summer here in the desert, but last night we had some thunderstorm and precipitation. I woke up and it was kind of cool. Well, as cool as it one gets in the summer here anyway. That made me want to pull out Konig, and it felt right. After an hour or so, I am realizing that this is really a cold-weather scent, and may be too blanket-y for a summer day.

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