Apparently Transparently (Television/Webseries Thoughts: Transparent Season Two, Amazon Streaming)

trans2I’ve been meaning to watch the watch the second season of Transparent, and I have been dragging my feet. But a couple of days ago. I had this desire to binge watch something, and I thought of this show. The second season was dropped in December so I am only seven months late for this party – though I am just in time for the third season, which is coming around the third week of September.

The season starts without any ‘recap’ scenes, and momentarily I was lost. While I do recognize all of the main characters, the first scene takes place in a wedding, and the whole cast is thrust upon you, and I admittedly had to think about who some of these people are. But that doesn’t become a problem, the drama will keep you up to speed right away. Each episode runs at approximately 29 minutes, but they feel like full minutes. I am amazed at how some episodes pack so much everything in that amount of time.

Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) seemed to take a little bit o fa back seat this time around. If the first season was all about her initial transition, this season is a continuation of her journey, but focuses more about how her decision has affected, and is affecting her family. And boy are these kids all messed up. Every single one of them have confusion in their mind and hearts, and Sarah (Amy Landecker) starts the ball rolling by breaking her wedding even as the guests are dancing the conga line. Ali (Gaby Hoffman) and Josh (jay Duplass) follow through with mistakes, and by the end of the season, we see them all in much different states from where they start.

I love the fact that these are flawed individuals, unapologetic, and just out for their own happiness, regardless of who it affects the people they love. Oh wouldn’t it be a happier place if the world did as such. But then again, if we all did, more drama would be created. And there’s a lto of drama here, which can turn soap opera at times, but in the best way possible. I was riveted.

And the acting by everyone is top notch. I like the fact that they are giving Judith Light much more to do here, and she slays the Jewish mother persona so realistically I feel like I can smell the bagels in her house. Not one performance is out of sync here. By the end of the ten episodes, I felt liek I knew everyone better, and even if they annoy me at times, I felt affinity. Just like, you know, family.


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