Casually Bad (Movie Thoughts: Casual Encounters)

casualencountersI always agonize on what to watch next. I go through titles, and I just spend so much time reading about what to get that more often than not, I end up not seeing anything. So tonight, I told myself just pick a movie and just let it play. I pressed on ‘Casual Encounters’ and just started watching, egged by the fact that it stars Tarran Kilam, whom I know nothing about but I just read an article on the paper that he was leaving Saturday Night Live. As if I cared. This guy has no charisma whatsoever, and the film, which is basically his vehicle, is stalled from the start. I had to force myself to finish this film. It felt outdated, misogynistic,  and just plain unfunny. Kilam plays Justin, a guy who was dumped by his girlfriend on one those shock jock morning shows. So he follows his friends; advise to go on a dating set and sow some oats, if you were. So of course we get a parade of misfits that are ‘weird and wacky.’  The writing is stale, the performances not even perfunctory, and this whole movie just stinks to high heavens. I think next time I will just go back wholly analyzing my next choices.

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