Bold Bellissima (Perfume Thoughts: Noble Incense, Essence of Oud Collection, Bella Bellissima)

492-3001084-EONI_MI remember when I was last in London, I did a day of walking and of course ended up at Selfridge’s one of my favorite stores in the world, especially with perfumes. Of course, walking around are the spritzers. Since the Bella Bellisima house is exclusive to the store, they had one dedicated to just promoting that brand. And the gentleman, who was very cute, got me, and started to explain the scents from their (then) just-launched collection, Essence of Oud. And you know me and oud, I can just devour it daily. I tried all of them, but one resonated with me, this one called Noble Incense. And when in London, you do the royalty choice, right? So I succumbed.

But then the bottle got banished in the back of my collection somewhere, and I snatched it yesterday and wore it. Mind you, the degree in the desert right now is in the triple digits, so in theory, oud may not be the most sensible choice. But I found Noble Incense almost…light. Well, actually no – it is definitely on the heavier side (I was even feeling funny because I am thinking my Uber driver is getting overwhelmed by it)  but it didn’t seem to be cloying and overly sweet. The rose note is described as ‘rock rose’ and it is more wet and dewy, which now that I think about it, is more summery. The scent is a bit on the tenacious side – I am sure I was projecting the whole day. And if I have to be honest, it does skew on the more feminine side, as the rose is fuller than the oud. But it’s a bright-colored scent, and I am glad to have and wear it.

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