One Special Boy (Book Thoughts: One Man Guy, Michael Barakiva)

18465591Michael Barakiva’s ‘One Man Guy’ is the story of Alek Khederian, a fourteen year old boy in suburban New Jersey of Armenian descent. He has an overbearing mother, and this book is a story of a certain summer when he had to go to school to make up for his grades preventing him to be in the Honors program. It is also the summer he meets Ethan and falls in love. We have all had these ‘transitional’ summers that changed our lives. Barakiva sets the premise nicely, but I couldn’t feel but feel a little disappointed. While I am sure a lot od what is in the book is inspired by life events, it felt a little too trapped in sitcom-type situations. Sure, I appreciated a lot of Armenian history stories that is in the book, but I would have liked to have seen a bit more fully-developed characters. And I don’t really get the title – is it alluding to fidelity or to the fact that it is his first romance?  I liked certain elements of the book and related to it. For example, I too, fund a lot about myself getting lost in the streets of New York City, and for sure, it is good to read about another Armenian family with last names starting with K. I just wished the book dug deeper.

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