Save Our Show (Television Thoughts, Friendly Fire S02 E10, Unreal)


I think I have been pretty vocal about how I felt about the direction of Unreal’s second season, and I am not alone with my displeasure. So I kind of dragged my feet watching ‘Friendly Fire” which is the second season finale.

I liked how it ended, which surprised me. I found myself not invested with the plot lines, and any of the characters and here we see two villains – Coleman and Yael – who are out to destroy ‘Everlasting.” But do we really care? Should we really care?  Well, I kind of do. And here we get to see Rachel and Quinn together again, on the same side, out to stop both characters. But Jeremy savign the day? I don’t know if I quite buy it. When they started making his character hateful in the middle of the season, I remember thinking, “Hmm I wonder what this actor did to piss off the producers,” and now I see why, I get it now. Ultimately, it served the purpose for the finale and I guess I can go along with it.

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