Apples And Gone (Perfume Thoughts: Hello Kitty, Demeter)

nd.8837When I  kid, I was a casual fan of Sanrio’s Hello Kitty.  And I only say casual because I know some people who are huge collectors. I have seen several Hello Kitty perfumes over the years, mostly at Sanrio stores, but never really bought any until I saw the Demeter one on the bay for very cheap. And frankly, I just bought this as a collector, not expecting anything from this besides shelf space fodder.

Well, it’s bad. The notes are just describes as apples: red, yellow green, but truthfully, they just smell like generic fruit shampoo material, and it’s as screechy as plastic as you would expect. And whatever it is, disappears so quick – longevity is not a word to describe this. the best thing I can say about this I guess is that the label is cute.

I do wonder if this is indicative of all other Demeter fragrances – I have been curious about some of their weird offerings, like Earthworm or Holy Water.

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