United In Hope (Television Thoughts: Gaycation: Orlando, Viceland)


Since I last wrote about The Viceland series ‘Gaycation.’ We can now call the show Emmy-nominated since it got one from The Television Academy for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Show. That’s great for visibility, for sure.  Ellen Page and her friend Ian Daniela re back for a special episode dealing with the Orlando killings. As we all know,  forty nine people were killed and fifty three were injured when a gunman started shooting inside Pulse in Orlando.  Page and Daniel revisit the scene, and interview survivors and family members.

There was a part of me before who have been numbed by all of this. Right, another attack on the gays, we have all been here before. But seeing these people have struck a raw nerve yet again and minutes into the film, I found myself balling. To hear from these people who just went to a gay club to dance and then find all their friends decimated. To hear from a man who lost his lover there – it’s all a bit too much. But the show also shows hope – they were there for the huge candlelight vigil, and in a brave mood of all, they close the show as they attend ‘Sunday Funday’ at The Parliament House. ‘We have to do what we have always done,’ one local said.  I actually have been at The Parliament House years ago – it is one of those motel bars, a bit unremarkable, to be honest. But now, it symbolizes the safe space where we can all go and be ourselves. And it is that same space that the gunman thought he could penetrate. But our community is resilient – we have been fighting since the beginning, and we have won a lot of fights, and we will win this one, if a bit brusied and bloody after.

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