Females Occupy Wall Street (Movie Thoughts: Equity)

599ed04a767bbc31fe215c46d54e406d_300x442‘Equity’ is a movie that is produced by women, written by women, and with women in the lead. It’s about time, right? Sure, and for the most part, this movie pays off: an intelligent and timely thriller, with a simple story that is complex enough to have layers. I had a lot of interest going into this film, as I used to work in Finance.

The film centers around three women: Naomi (Anna Gunn) Erin (Sarah Megan Thomas) and Samantha (Alysia Reiner)  and they are all similar women: driven, ambitious – I can imagine people calling them bitches because they know what they want and they get it, at any cost. As written and as presented, I couldn’t help but dislike all of them, so it is up to the actresses portraying them to lure you tot heir side. Gunn succeeds the most: she gives her character just enough dose of humanity to make you appreciate and empathize. (I have only seen one episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ so I am unfamiliar with her work)  Thomas is a bit shrill, but that works for her favor, as the character can appear to be messy but in really her Erin is totally in control. I found Samantha’s character insufferable, and even as she is working for the government, most deceitful and insufferable. (or maybe I am just showing my Wall Street bias?)

Meera Manon directs with a gentle hand – this doesn’t have the testosterone of a thrill-a-minute thriller. And the men here are just a little too caricature-ish, there to serve the female leads’ stories. But that’s fine – male dominated films have done that to women since the beginning. Maybe the better title for the film should be ‘Equality,’ not ‘Equity.’

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