Summers So True (Book Thoughts: Frannie And Tru, Karen Hattrup)

23587107We have all had summers that changed our lives, and that is the premise of Karen Hattrup’s ‘Frannie and Tru.’  It’s the summer before Frannie has to change schools because of an economic downgrade in her family, and she finds out her cousin Tru,  is arriving from Connecticut. She overhears her parents say that it is because he just came out to his parents and is being shipped to his family so things can cool down. (I mean, what do you expect when you name your child Truman?)

Tru’s character is meant to be complex, and does complicated things but I never thought the character was truly fleshed out as well as Frannie, who is fascinating on her own. And the plot was slow to come, with not enough character study to fill up the space between. There are flashes of great here, but it was slow coming.

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