Loving In Rio (Movie Thoughts: Rio I Love You)

1456606All this attention being give to Rio de Janeiro because of the Olympics made me want to visit ‘Rio I Love You,’ a movie I have been meaning to see for the longest time. The film is the third in the Cities Of Love series, after Paris and New York. Ten filmmakers have contributed shorts all centered around love in this city by the sea, and it looks like most of them have chosen to focus on the great things about Rio – the beautiful people, the lush greenery, the picturesque Sugarloaf Mountain, Christ the Redemptor.  There are some I liked a lot: Jose Padilha’s contribution, with Ryan Kwanten as an Australian actor who climbs the Sugarloaf Mountain with his appointed driver (And this has a gay twist at the end)  Guillermo Arriaga does one about a one-armed boxer that’s full of grit and heart. Nadine Labaki has a cute contribution about a little boy waiting by a pay phone for a al from jesus – and Harvey Keitel shows his soft side on that one. Koren Director Im has oen abotu prostitute vampires that seems out of place with the scenery, and Paolo Sorrentino’s mean-spirited one about a couple at the beach just read slight. All in all, though I wished the collection was more varied. I would have liked a contemporary piece abour how corrupted the government is, or a glimpse of life in the favela slums. But perhaps that is not the point of this collection, which I am guessing served as a promotional tie in with the Olympics.


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