Marriage Crashers (Movie Thoughts: The Intervention)

The-Intervention-Movie-Poster“The Intervention”  has been described as the Gen X version of “The Big Chill,” and that whet my appetite. A group of friends gather in a vacation house in Savannah Georgia (who knew it was so pretty there?) but unbeknownst to couple Ruby and Peter (Cobie Smulders and Vincent Piazza) their friends are staging a marriage intervention and are being urged to divorce. We see why – they have not even arrived at the place and they are already at each other’s throats. The other friends have problems of their own, and they are all addressed, more or less, through the course of the film. This is a good looking cast, and most of the actors have sufficient charm, but I couldn’t imagine spending ninety minutes with any of these people, never mind a whole weekend. Everyone seemed to be humourless and miserable, and the audience basically joins them in their misery. And if I were one of the troubled couple, I would go and punch each of my friends’ faces because only the two people in the relationship knows what’s truly going on between them.  Clea Duvall wrote and directed this movie, and she plays Jessie here, and she is the worst of all the actors, giving Kristin Stewart a run in the permascowl department.  Sorry, but time wasted.

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