Jeune (Movie Thoughts: Five)

ese4b7fx‘Five,’ directed by Igor Gotesman, is interesting to me because it is a French film that is current, and I always liek those because they give me a sense of how people live in different places, and this one is set in the City of Lights, Paris! so C’est Magnifique!  Too bad it is about French millennials, and it turns out the French kind is as annoying as American ones, in sense of their feeling entitled. Pierre Niney (he played Yves in that YSL movie) is Samuel, whose lifestyle is being funded by his rich father as he pretends to be studying to be a doctor but, really, he wants to be an actor. So he rents a fabulous Left Bank apartment with his friends until he gets caught and gets disowned by his father. So what does Samuel do? He starts dealing drugs, of course. All this is directed in a fun, light setting (Niney gets to keep his expensive wardrobe and perfectly coiffed hair) and everyone gets to have fun while this is all happening  (even as they go to the ‘seedy’ part of town and one of his friends braids his hair to appear gangsta)  Of course, until the party ends and since this is a French film, the tone abruptly changes in the ending. Gotesman seems to be very American-inspired, though, because there are touches of rowdy behaviour and language, as if he is imitating a Judd Apatow movie. But then again, what do I know, right? Maybe that is really what is going with French youth nowadays. These characters outstayed their welcome for me, and I wanted to smack every single one of them. But I have to say, though, it was never boring.

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