Did She Do It Right? (Music Thoughts, Do Right, Sari Kessler)

imagesI have listened to Sari Kessler’s album ‘Do Right’ about half a dozen times and still can’t figure out if I like it or not. Is that a good thing or bad thing, when music doesn’t register, doesn’t move, doesn’t disappoint. In the first song, for example, what struck most to me was the saxophone, and I didn’t know it then, but the great Houston Person is playing, and you can sense his great musicianship in the track – and the vocals take a back seat. And it’s not like she can’t sing – she is in tune, has a good sense of rhythm, and more or less understands her lyrics. But it’s all just … meh. I feel like I have heard her before, even though I am sure I haven’t. She sounds like a million other jazzettes in New York City. I appreciate some of the ‘late night’ arrangements, like in ‘The Girl from Joe’s,’ but I end up imagining Julie London while she is singing, and of course, I want to pull out Miss London’s record in teh process. I know it’s me, since i just do not connect with her music.

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