Pop Goes The Stella (Perfume Thoughts: Pop, Stella McCartney)

index‘Pop,’ from Stella McCartney, is her newest perfume aimed for the young, millennial market. I like cute things, and the bottle is cute, I thought when I first saw it. But I kind of knew that this perfume is probably nto going to be meant for me. But there it was at Sephora, waiting – begging , even – to be tried, and of course I did. I have liked some of McCartney’s scents, and I even think the sheer rose in ‘Stella’ is one of the best modern renditions of the rose note: a rose scent for people who hates the rose note.

But back to ‘Pop.” A fruity floral. Its ads describe it as a juicy tuberose, but this ain’t no Fracas, as if I expected it to be. I cannot even discern the tuberose here, as I get nothing but generic pink flowers. There’s quality in the perfume: it has great sillage and longevity and it doesn’t smell cheap, but aside from the cute bottle, I can’t give myself any reason for wanting this in my collection, and trust you me, I can always find crazy reasons to justify perfume purchases. This does skew ‘young,’ if you ask me, and could even attract the college-age crowd. I just wish McCartney was a little bolder, a little more adventurous in this release because she could have given us a perfume with a little bit more, um, pop.

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