Playing A Love Song (Book Thoughts, Play Me I’m Yours, Madison Parker)

17609253I almost didn’t want to read ‘Play Me I’m Yours’ by Madison Parker because I thought the cover was kind of cheesy, but this book proved to be a pleasant surprise. It’s about Lucas, a kind of femme-y teenager who also plays piano. The book starts as he starts playing a Cyndi Lauper song in public – and of course, in this day and age of social media someone uploads a video of him playing n a feminine manner, then gets tagged on Facebook as the whole school comments and laughs. Welcome to Cyber Bullying in this day and age. Of course, that endeared Lucas to me right away, and I join his journey as he finds himself and looks for love. I love that Lucas and the people who interact with are real human three dimensional characters. and there is no effort to make things politically correct. Even more surprisingly, I found the (inevitable) sex scenes here realistic (and hot!) even as I find out that the author is a woman. This is a cute little book that warmed my heart in all the right places.

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