It’s A City Of Strangers (Television Thoughts: High Maintenance, HBO)

p11724993_b_v8_aaI don’t think ‘High Maintenance’ would have been on my radar if not for the fact that in its pilot episode on HBO, gay porn star Colby Keller was part of the cast. But, apparently, this series started out on Vimeo, and enjoyed success there that HBO took notice and ordered episode. In the  show, Ben Sinclair plays a drug dealer who cycles himself into the lives of his customers.

I don’t know if I like this show, and based on the first episode, my instinct is veering towards the negative. Apparently there are different stories week after week, as “The Guy” (Sinclair) delivers pot. So, this isn’t really a show about pot, but more about the people who buy from him. On the first episode, we got a guy who is a “Vin Diesel” type trying to buy from him, and he has a tough guy persona. We find out later on that he is a British actor method-acting for a role.  the second part is about Max, and his friend Lainey who play annoying hipster millennials – this is where Keller makes a cameo as someone Max meets on Grindr, and takes him to an AA meeting, where Max ‘pretends’ to be a meth addict. In reality, he is addicted to his co-dependency from Lainey. Apparently, these are carry over characters from when the webseries, so perhaps I am missing some context, but these characters are insufferable and I didn’t want to spend one more second with them.

So now I feel like there is nothing for me to come back to here. With so much things to watch, this show doesn’t have the allure for me to come back to.

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