Men Of Steel (Movie Thoughts: Steel)

page1‘Steel,’ directed by Sven Matten is described as a ‘psychological thriller’ but I really think it’s a love story. Daniel (Chad Conner) is a television talk show host who suffers from anxiety. While he is on a big-deal interview (with an arms dealer!) he suffers a breakdown. He locks himself inside his apartment. Apparently he also has a bit of agoraphobia and can’t even deal with buying groceries. Enter Alexander, played by David Cameron, a nineteen year old who catches his fancy, and slowly takes him pout of his depression, even helping him deal with a traumatic incident in his past that caused all of his problems.

This isn’t really a bad film. The story was interesting, and the acting – Connell is believable – helped move the story forward. I don’t really know if the plot is plausible – A twink helps me out of my anxiety – but since twinks are my type anyway, I didn’t have too much of a problem with it. And certainly both Conner and Cameron are not bad on the eyes, and Matten settles teh camera often on their beautiful bodies (Hmmm – is that why i got so engrossed?) They shower together naked and swim on a lake on sun-kissed frames over mood piano music . Sure, those were unnecessary, but I enjoyed them.   There’s a twist in the end that should have been more obvious, but it got me. All in all, not really a bad may to spend 90 plus or so minutes.

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