Am I Blue (Perfume Thoughts, Dylan Blue, Versace)



A couple of years ago, a magazine did a profile of Donatella Versace and they had pictures of her perfume collection:


Since Donatella seems like she knows perfumes, I wonder why most of Versace’s perfumes have been lackluster. None of them are really bad, but I cannot think of one that is truly memorable. I recently saw the ad for their newest release, Dylan Blue, and what caught my eye was Trevor Signornino. There is a video that was produced directed by Bruce Weber, and it had a little bit of an 80s feel. Did it make me want to try the scent? Sure, why not, and this just proves why they are masters of marketing and advertising.

Then we get to the scent – a big bore. It will drown in the sea of similarly-smelling perfumes in department store counters. It is your typical woody, ambery aquatic fougere. There really is nothing unique and remarkable about it. They mention a fig note but it’s fake-smelling and weak at that. There’s a bit of musky floral on the drydown, but darn if it projects like an actual flower.  I guess it is made from not-bad materials, as the longevity and sillage is decent, but I ask myself, why, what’s the point? There seems to be no creative anything here, and really, Donatella should know better.

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