Always Be My Baby (Movie Thoughts: Bridget Jones Baby)

indexIt has been twelve years since the last Bridget Jones movie and this is how old I am – I remember when Helen Fielding’s first book of the series came out, during the height of the ‘chick-lit’ trend. The world was a much different place then, and even now this whole rom-com concept seems a bit dated – Judd Apatow has raunched up the genre. But here Bridget is, still there, hangin’ on to dear life, and at age 36, still single, looking for his lyrical (and literal) Mr. Darcy. The film starts on her birthday, as she blows a lone candle on her cupcake (another dated concept, it seems) while singing along to Celine Dion’s ‘All By Myself.’ (must I say it?)  And we get it: the biological clock is ticking, and as she goes from wedding to christening party, her desire to have a child is there.

But first she must try to get laid, and with the help of her best friend (Sarah Solemani) she goes to Gloucester for a music fair (I guess that’ the British Coachella) and she meets jack, played by Patrick Dempsey. Days after, she meets Mr. Darcy again – her Mr Darcy, the one played by Colin Firth. And a month later, she finds out she is with child. And surprise, she doesn’t know who her father is. Hilarity ensues, as they say. We get dragged into this scenario for a little bit until it gets serious, and Bridget has to make a choice. It doesn’t take a genius to see where this is headed.

While I was glad to see characters I know and love, the film just barely registers on me. I felt like it was not believable, although Renee Zellweger, as Bridget, certainly can be. At 47 years old, you have to kind of root for the old gal, and sure it is refreshing to see a story about a middle aged woman nowadays. But jokes fall flat, and there is just a tad too much slapstick for my taste. I like the film’s message, but I do kind of resent the dumbed-down ending. (Bridget should be smarter than that) Dempsey and Firth are appealing, and I will always love anything set in London. Stream this when you can, but nothing more.


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