If/Then (Book Thoughts, Two Summers, Aimee Friedman)

16068916Everyday we make choices – when we are walking, do we take one route, or do we take another? You sometimes think what if – what if I did something differently? Aimee Friedman, in her novel “Two Summers” ponders that question. Summer Everett is on her way to visit her father in Aix-en-Provence in France and as she is about to board the plane, her phone rings. Its her father on the phone telling her not to go. But what if she didn’t pick up the phone and got on the plane? Friedman gives us two versions of what happens, and both give her a different kind of summer. But what is interesting about the story is how the stories around her do not change, and we get views on how she would react to these externals in both situations. This is a cute novel, and not as airheaded as you think: it posits a very deep question, and leads everyone to the exact same place in the end. Is everything fate? Can we change what happens in our leaves? Do things change based on split-second decisions we make?

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