Torn (Television Thoughts: A Kiss Is Just A Kiss, Younger S03 E01)

younger-season-3-poster-tv-land-key-artI wrote at the beginning of Younger’s second season that has started hitting its stride. And I was right – the series found its footing last season – all the characters have fallen into place. As the third season starts, I almost feel like these characters are old friends – we have had some history together, we have gone through some stuff together, and we now are all in this as we tackle what’s next.

So what’s next? At the end of last season, we see Liza on a crossroad: Charles kissed him at the department store in Paramus, and Josh has declared his love for her, regardless of that age thingy. We start the season not shortly after that, as Liza deals with the awkwardness at the office with Charles. (‘It’s just a kiss,Liza,’ he says)  But you know there’s more to that – he asks her to meet at Cafe Carlysle so they can talk about it – to get everything out in the open and he says that either way he will be fine with it. But when Liza gets there, she sees him talking to a couple she met earlier in the day whose daughter is friends with, as she sends them off to college. She don’t want to so some ‘splainin – Girl, it’s Cafe Carlysle, what better place to do it?

Meanwhile, Kelsey is still mourning, and Diana sees her and they go to Marie’s Crisis for drinks and show tunes. Now, I am happy as much as anyone else about the mainstreamization of Marie’s Crisis, but I gotta confess that I feel very protective of that place. I knew it when it was just a hole-in-the-wall bar. It still is, but now it’s a very popular hole-in-the-wall. And they drink a little too much, and with Liza, all end up in Diana’s apartment. I am glad to get a whole lot more of Diana’s back story, as I think there’s a lot to mine in that character.

So it seems we end up right where we started, and I don’t know if I feel happy about that. I feel like we have been strung along here, bu I guess I just have to trust the show.

One thought on “Torn (Television Thoughts: A Kiss Is Just A Kiss, Younger S03 E01)

  1. Are you sticking with Younger this season? I saw episode 3 tonight. We get more into Lauren’s head.
    I loved that they showed Marie’s Crisis, but I hope it doesn’t get all trendy and overcrowded now. I went there once and want to go back. It was such a fun time! I know you and I would have a blast there together. 🙂
    The sexual tension between Charles and Liza is so delicious this season. That’s all I’ll say for now.


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