Just An Illusion (Music Thoughts: Perfect Illusion, Lady Gaga/Perfume Thoughts: Eay de Gaga, Lady Gaga)

img_5073Lady Gaga. To this day, I still do not get her appeal. Yes, sure, she has a strong voice, but I find it bland. When her first hits came out, I was indifferent – all Eurotrash beats that kind of make me cringe – the stuff they play at bridge and tunnel venues. Her “art-pop” fashion sense is interesting, for sure, but even she got tired of that after a while. Her foray in standards is well-lauded, but again, the best I could say about it is that it is competent. I can sense her love and respect for the material, but think – still do – that she is still a little green in interpreting these songs, though I think more ‘life-lived’ will make her better at that front. I know she has gotten acclaim as an actress, but I have not seen that Horror story show – just not my kind of thing.

On the music front, she is back with a new single, ‘Perfect Illusion,’ and it is produced ny Mark Ronson, BloodPop, and Kevin Parker. You wonder why she needed three producers for one song, which means she means business. The production is stellar. From the first second you know things will be banging here. And guess what? I like it – it’s more rock than electronic, and her vocals soar. It reminds me of something Pat Benatar would have sung in the 80s – sorry my reference are old. You can sense the aggression in her delivery as she describes what she feels as “it wasn’t love, it was a perfect illusion.”  I may turn around on what I feel for her yet.

indexThis also reminds me that a couple of months ago, I finally got Eau de Gaga, her second scent. I had read great reviews of it so my curiosity was piqued, even though I was lukewarm on her first fragrance, Fame. But, I read that this is a tea=based perfume and I can never get enough of those. And Eau de Gaga is fantastic – a sparkly green tea fruity floral. I think I read that she was more involved in the making of this, and part of her inspiration is Bvlgaru Eau de Vert. Honestly, it can stand next to it – there is a green tea base here that is elegant and smooth, and she adds citrus in the opening burst that makes the perfume feel alive. Then some fruit comes in – I think apples, but I am not too sure p and when it mixes with the violet leaf the appeal is a fruity floral that I can get behind on – and you know I despise most fruit and flower combos – and thank God no pink pepper in sight here. It is a very refined perfume, expensive smelling and one of the best bangs for your buck that you can get right now – my bottle cost less than five dollars!. I have been meaning to get a back up bottle, and I guess I should do that now because I fear this will disappear soon.

So like it or not, we are posed for a Gaga revival. Her new album is up next, and she is going to be starring in a ‘A Star Is Born’ revival opposite Bradley Cooper. I guess I should take one more look at her.

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