Love Reboot (Movie Thoughts: Retake)

1015164834b8a9d4c9e88b210a60e96dAs I grow older, I find that there is only so much a brain can remember, and I find that there are events in my life I have no recollection. I would see a photograph and I see it’s me, I know it’s me, but I don’t remember anything about that particular moment (Isn’t that the great thing about photographs, by the way?)  I thought of that after watching “Retake.”  In this film, written, produced and directed by Nick Corporon, a middle aged man, Jonathan (Tuc Watkins) recreates a memory in his life, a road trip he spent with his boyfriend. He hires a male prostitute (Devon Graye) to play the role of ‘Brandon,’ and they take the same route en route to Grand Canyon, stopping strategically at the same hotels and restaurants they went to. I liked the idea of the film, and even though I wasn’t completely sold on this film, I admit I like it enough to give it a thumbs up. I think it’s because the actors are pretty believable andWatkns and Graye have great chemistry and let’s face it, they are both easy on the eyes  so it really wasn;t a difficult watch, in that regards. This film was apparently screened at this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival, Outfest, and the film does feel ‘indie’ enough to take seriously. It’s not bad.

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