I Wonder As I Wander (Music Thoughts: WANDERlust, Allison Adams Tucker)

allisonadamstucker_wanderlust_db-jpgThere’s no doubt that Allison Adams Tucker understands languages – she apparently speaks six. She puts that knowledge to good use in her album ‘WANDERlust.’  In the album, she sings in several languages, visiting several countries along the way. There’s Argentina (in ‘Vuelvo Al Sur’) and Japan (Takada Lullaby) Italy (‘Cinema Paradiso’) but while you can her the fluency in her voice, my first thought was that her singing is too antiseptic, on the side of technical vs heartfelt. I have played the album a couple of times over now, and yes the musicianship  is there, and there are no pitch problems. But I just can’t get excited by the disc – there’s a sameness I hear – I am wishing perhaps the arrangements should have been more varied, but of course I don’t think that’s what they are trying to do. Should I keep listening, or should I concede that if by now I haven’t gotten her, I never will?

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