Youngstown (Television Thoughts: Younger S03 E02, E03)

younger_poster_goldposter_com_3-jpg0o_0l_800w_80qThere is something a little off for me in “Younger” as Season Three progresses. I am up to the third episode and I can’t keep on wondering – is it going to be more of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol this season? Yes, I know that the whole show dangles on the premise that at any given time, Liza’s big secret has the potential of being revealed, but on both episodes, we do get that danger, but the conflict got resolved very quickly. On “The Marshmallow Experiement, the threat was the unlocking of Thad’s computer, and on ‘Last Dat=ys Of Books’ it is the threat of her old town mates snitching on her Empirical co-workers. These threats are getting close to being unbelievable at this point.

But the bigger conflict this season seems to be the love triangle between Liza, Charles, and Josh. I think at this point it has been established that Charles is into Liza, and there’s that romantic tension brewing there, but at the same time, they are making Josh very sympathetic, probably setting up the situation that Liza has to make a very difficult choice soon. I think at some point in the middle of the season she chooses Charles because if she stays with Josh, it will be a retread of previous seasons. I also think she will confess, or will have to confess with Kelsey at some point soon, too. I hope my excitement for the show doesn’t wane.

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